Custom Business Intelligence and Analysis

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) rarely have the time, expertise or the spare capital to conduct internal and external analysis and comparisons to their competitors.  To compete today it is necessary to run as efficient and effective as possible as well as knowing and outperforming your competition.  We have a unique business model that allows SMEs affordable access to this type of support.

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Decision Support

The ability to implement and use Business Analytics and Intelligence is the cornerstone for finding the internal lost dollars and to externally create more market share. Filling the initial information /  data flow gaps identified assists in providing a capability in the shortest time possible while having a road map for how to achieve the long term plan. We can assist with augmenting staff for a short burst to help your organization put together incremental stop gap capabilities to get you up and running as fast as possible. See the Gartner Maturity Model (2015) above to see where your organization exists today.

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If after our assessment process you wish to hire us to work in areas identified as challenges, we will collectively outline the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with you as well as work out an agreement that focuses on future gains in revenue, cost / waste avoidance as a potential mechanism for funding the effort.

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People, Processes & Technology

To effectively understand an organization for proper decision making, data must be consistently captured in all functional areas and usable. The inability to perform at this level leaves revenue out there for your competitors to capture and use against you. We are uniquely qualified to assist with augmenting staff for a short burst to help your organization get to the point of collecting data and having a decision support capability.


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